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The battle intensifies

Your ordinary lawn has become a battleground here in Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. This shooter game is completely different from the other Plants VS Zombies games that you have come to love. For starters, it's packed with lots of action! Say goodbye to simply clicking and dragging plants on a chessboard-like lawn. Here in Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, you will constantly be on the run as you try to shoot down the ever-persistent zombies. The game can support up to 6 players on the battlefield. 

Going all out

It seems that the zombies have had enough of losing that they are now launching an all-out attack on you! Of course, your plants are not going to let them have your brains. Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville takes it up a notch by becoming a third-person shooter game. You will be facing against computer-controlled zombies who are still intent on eating your brain. While the game has become more intense and exciting, that is not all there is to be amazed about. The graphics have improved a lot, as well! Gone are the 2D graphics and flat board from its predecessor games. With everything made 3D, the game characters and even the very game itself feels much more alive and real. Since this is set in a third-person point of view, all the game elements also look so close. 

To add to the fun, Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville features different game modes that you can try. You will probably enjoy the multiplayer mode most! It is not going to be just you and your plants because you can team up with your family and friends, as well. Build one strong group and fight against the zombies to defend not only your brains but the entire neighborhood's, as well! Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville truly spices up things with its shooting mechanics and improved graphics.


  • Features multiplayer mode
  • Smooth 3D graphics
  • Action-packed gameplay
  • Fun and exciting


  • Cannot change POV
  • Limited worlds to explore

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